What do we do?

The Latvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand (LFANZ) is active in areas that reflect it’s goals to promote Latvian culture, support and coordinate Latvian organisations in Australia and New Zealand, and the wider world.

Working with Latvia and Latvians abroad

LFANZ works with the Republic of Latvia’s Community Inegration fund, the Cultural Ministry, Foreign Ministry and other international organisations.

Hello Latvia

‘Hello Latvia’ is an American Latvian Association (ALA) project where teenagers between 13 and 15 years of age travel around Latvia learning of it’s culture, history and geography. This project is designed for teenagers who speak Latvian, but live abroad.

Further information can by found at ALA homepage.

Testimonials from 2015 participants:

The trip to Latvia with ‘Hello Latvia’ gave me a good impression of Latvia and the whole trip has left me with long lasting memories and strengthened my identity as a Latvian.

This trip has strengthened my Latvian identity.

I have friends in the USA, Canada and Latvia for life. I can’t wait to participate in the Youth festival, Cultural festival and even maybe the Song Festival in Latvia in 2018.

Support camps

LFANZ has supported a number of camps in Australia over many years. Presently the camps in Australia are Annas Ziedares Summer High school, 3 x 3, and Tervetes children’s camp.

In 2016 all the camps will be held during January.

Annas Ziedares Summer School


Annas Ziedares Summer School (AZVV) camp is held at the Latvian property “Dzintari”, in South Australia. The camp is held over 3 weeks and is for teenagers from 13 years of age who speak Latvian. Click here for more details.

3×3 Family camp


3 x 3 is a camp that is held in various locations around Australia. The aim is to strengthen the Latvian identity for those living abroad and for Latvians of all ages. Further information about the 2016 camp available here.

Tērvete children’s camp


Tervetes children’s camp is held at the Latvian Guide and Scout property, about an hour’s drive from Melbourne. This camp, held over one week, is for children from the ages of 7, that speak Latvian or would like to improve their Latvian. Further information click here.

Support the Vitolu Fund in Latvia

The Vitolu fund administers scholarships to Latvian students who would otherwise not be able to attend tertiary education in Latvia. The LFANZ through the Vitolu fund donates a scholarship to talented students in need of support with their University studies.
Further information Vitolu Fund.

Latvia's Proclamation Day, 18th November

The LFANZ each year invites a guest speaker to tour Australia (and possibly New Zealand) to address formal Latvian community functions celebrating Latvia’s Proclamation day. The LFANZ Executive council and representatives in each community work together to ensure the successful co-ordination of this initiative. The LFANZ is grateful for the contribution of Latvia’s Community Integration fund (SIF) supporting visitors from Latvia for this event.

Community Calendar

The LFANZ maintains a community calendar for all Latvian organisations in Australia and New Zealand. We hope through this calendar that both large and small organisations will be able to advertise their events, thereby reducing the administrative load. If you wish to advertise your organisations events in the community calendar please contact us.

Certificate of Recognition

The LFANZ awards Certificates of Recognition on Latvia’s Proclamation Day celebrations to those Latvians who have shown persistent efforts in promoting LFANZ aims.

Previous people who have been awarded the Certificate of Recognition.

Cultural branch

The Cultural branch initiates, promotes and strengthens education of the Latvian language and the development and preservation of Latvian culture.

Cultural branch representatives:

School section

The school section co-operates with Latvian schools and co-ordinates their activities, organises conferences for parents and teachers.
Iveta Leitase

Further education section

The Further Education co-ordinates all Latvian post-school education. It deals with all those aspects of Latvian education that do not involve the Latvian Ethnic Schools. It oversees the operation of the “Tervete” children’s camp, “Anna Ziedare” summer school and the “3×3” camp.

Iveta Leitase

Handcraft section

The handcraft section is responsible for maintaining contact with Latvian craftspeople. It works for the preservation and development of Latvian folkloric designs, promotes the formation of handicraft groups and associations, organises seminars and displays and develops collections of Latvian artefacts.
Ilze Švarca

Musical section

The musical section is responsible for maintaining contact with Latvian musicians and composers, promotes the development of Latvian choirs and attends to other matters related to Latvian music including the organisation and promotion of concerts by Latvian musicians.
Anita Andersone

Theatre section

The theatre section attends to matters relating to theatre, the development and preservation of Latvian theatre, and promotes the organisation of Latvian Theatre Festivals.
Jānis Čečiņš

Visual Arts section

The visual arts section is responsible for maintaining contact with Latvian painters, graphic artists, sculptors and others working in the field of Latvian visual art. It promotes Latvian art and organises exhibitions.
Ilze Nāgele

Science section

The science section is responsible for maintaining contact with Latvian scientists, for promoting the recognition of professional qualifications obtained by Latvians overseas, encourages the undertaking of research projects and deals with problems covering any branch or field of science in which Latvian scientists are involved or which concerns the Latvian people or their country.
Andis Graudiņš

Post graduate studies section

The post graduate studies section is responsible for arranging opportunities for suitable university graduates from Latvia to do post-graduate studies at tertiary institutions or associated facilities in Australia.
Pēteris Dārziņš

Folk dancing section

The folk dancing section promotes the development of Latvian folk dancing groups, their co-operation and interaction.
Markus Dragūns

Film section

The film section is responsible for maintaining contact with Latvian film producers, promotes the documentation on film of important events in Latvian society, and organises Latvian film archives and exhibitions.
Ojārs Greste

Literature section

The literature section is responsible for maintaining contact with Latvian authors and others active in the field of Latvian literature, and promotes the development of Latvian literature.