3×3 Family Camp


Trīsireiztrīs (“3×3”) is not only a family camp, but also an international movement, with the aim of bringing together three generations of Latvians to learn from one another over a week of Latvian language ’emersion’. The movement started in North America in the 1980s and has spread to  Europe, England and Australia , with 3×3 camps now very popular in Latvia.

In Australia, 3×3 has taken place for over 30 years, during school holidays in January.

3×3 aims are to; ensure continuation of Latvian heritage and culture, strengthen Latvian family traditions, encourage a sense of belonging and promote Latvian friendships.

A variety of activities are organised, including handicrafts, lectures in  folklore, politics and culture, a separate children’s program, games and outdoor sports. Since the 1990s, specialists from Latvia have participated in the camps, including a Latvian president, internationally acclaimed conductors and folklorists. These visitors have brought Latvian politics, music, folklore and culture in focus for Australian Latvians attending the camps.

In 2020 the 37th 3×3 family camp will be held in Falls Creek, at Howmans Gap Alpine Centre ( www.howmansgap.ymca.org.au ). Camp director is Artūrs Landsbergs.

Leader of camp in 2020: Artūrs LandsbergsE-mail: 3x3australia@gmail.comHome page: https://www.facebook.com/Australia3x3/

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