How can you participate?

Become a member

The Latvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand is made up of individual members and organisations. As a member you support the aims and work of the Federation. If you would would like to become a member, please complete the request for membership form. This form will be sent to the Executive Council, who will be in contact with you.

For organisations

Personal details

Thank you for your request to become a member of the Latvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand. Your request will be sent to the Executive Council and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Individual membership is $20 per year.

Organisational membership is $1.00 per member per year, with a minimum of 20 members per organisation.

For further information pleaseĀ contact us.


Learn the Latvian language


Latvian organisations in Australia and New Zealand are based on community support from individuals that donate their time, energy and skills. Each person, including yourself, has the opportunity to help and participate. Support Latvians in Australia and New Zealand by becoming involved in organisations that interest you. If that is not possible, visit an exhibition, concert or other activity.

Visit Latvia

Soak in the culture and natural beauty that abound in Latvia. Visit Riga, and enjoy the modern comforts of this European city that still retains much of the 800-plus years of history as a major Baltic centre. Strengthen ties with family and friends in Latvia. Find out more about the many fine old traditions that are particular to the Latvian area. On your return, share your experiences with others.

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