Melbourne Latvian Choir “Daina”

Melbourne Latvian Choir “Daina”

Melbourne Latvian Choir “Daina” strives to emulate the Latvian choral tradition, and recently celebrated 30 years in November 2014. “Daina” has the unique ability to reimagine and reinvent itself, and strives for choral singing at its finest, inspired and motivated by Latvia’s greatest choral composers and conductors.

The members of Daina attend weekly rehearsals for most of the year. They understand that the benefits far outweigh the commitment. They get to sing some of the best choral music in the world. They enjoy the experience of immersing themselves in Latvian culture. They enjoy the nerves before each gig and the warmth they receive from the audience.

Address: 87 Chetwynd Street, North Melbourne, Vic 3051 (Rehearsals)Conductor: Zane RitereHome page:

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