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Auseklitis rehearsals occur Friday nights, from 7pm to 10pm, at the Adelaide Latvian Hall (4 Clark St, Wayville). We welcome anyone to come along and join in!

„Auseklītis” is a Latvian dance group and was founded in 1962 by Jānis Puide. After Janis, the group was directed by Juris Skābe, Maruta Šmita, Vikija un Valdis Andersons, Aldis Sils, Inese Lains, Valdis Strazds, Tālis Putniņš, Lisa Perejma, Sanita Grover, Krišjānis Putniņs, Rūdis Dancis, Ieva Daenke and Daila Šmita.
„Little Auseklītis” has been directed by Juris Skābe, Gunārs Kargāns, Laima Physick, Ivars Dukāts, Irēne Bywaters and Zigrīda Strazds.
In over 50 years, „Auseklītis” has performed many times for the Adelaide Latvian community as well as for other organisations including the Festival of Arts, Baltic youth festival, Latvian youth festival and Shell Folkloric Festival. „Auseklītis” first major solo production was in 1969 with the show – Latvia’s regions and was followed with „Daugaviņa flows quickly” (1972), „The Children of the Sun are Dancing” (1976) „Take me to Kurland” (1993) and „Festival of the Sun” (1994).




Leaders: Ieva Daenke & Daila Šmita, Leader’s assistant: Rasma CelinskaE-mail: auseklitis.adelaide@gmail.comHome page:

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