Austrālijas Jūrmalnieki

Austrālijas Jūrmalnieki


Australian folk dancing group ‘Jūrmalnieki’was formed by Talis Putnins in 2007, to dance in the Latvian Song and Dance Festival in 2008. ‘Jūrmalnieki’are an Australian folk dancing group with members from all over Australia. The next Latvian Song and Dance Festival will be held in July, 2018, where Jūrmalnieki will dance again. Dancers will be called together in 2016 to begin rehearsals for the 2018 Festival. Rehearsals: Dancers learn the dances in their own folk dancing group, and later Jūrmalnieki will all come together throughout the year for rehearsals in each larger city, at least once.

Leader: Lāra BrennereE-mail:

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