The Cultural Fund

The Cultural Fund’s aim is to provide financial assistance to areas directly linked to preserving and developing a Latvian identity.

Assistance may be provided in the following areas: children, youth and adults with their Latvian education; various cultural areas- funding theatre, choirs, folk dancing groups, actors/actresses, arts and crafts, latvian camps and sporting events.

The Cultural Fund works in conjunction with the Latvian Federation in Australia and New Zealand, and is also a partner of the World Free Latvian Association Cultural Fund.

Request for assistance

If you would like to request assistance from the Cultural Fund please complete the form, and return to

Cultural Fund form

Cultural Festival

One of the more important events in the Australian Latvian calendar is the Cultural Festival or Kultūras Dienas. The Cultural Festival is held every two years, on a rotational basis, giving latvians and non latvians the opportunity to participate in or experience various latvian cultural concerts and events.

The next Cultural Festival will take place in Sydney, 26-31 December 2021. Further information about the Cultural Festival may be found on the LFANZ Calendar or the Cultural Festival webpage, ALKD’s.