Australian Latvian Sports Administration

Australian Latvian Sports Administration

Australian Latvian Sports Administration was founded in 1951 under the name of ‘Austrālijas Latviešu Sporta Apvienība’ or Australian Latvian Sports Association. The name was changed in 1961 to Austrālijas latviesu sporta pārvalde’ or Australian Latvian Sports Administration. In the early years all six Australian states were represented by the leaders of Latvian sports clubs and sports branches. During this time almost a thousand Latvian sports men and women were registered through their state organisations to ALSP.

Throughout the 65 years of ALSP there have been three leaders:

1951 -1961  Jānis Riņģis

1961-2012  Gunārs Bērzzariņš

2012-           Dimis Pešudovs

The Administration’s aims are to unite Australian Latvian sports men and women, sports administrators and supporters as well as lead Latvian sports life on this continent.

To achieve these aims ALSP works with Australian and other nationalities’ sports organisations and other Latvian organisations in Australia.

In the 1960 ‘s the Australian Latvian Championship was held every year in fourteen sports, now that has fallen to three sports: basketball, novuss and golf.

State organisations have also fallen from six to one in New South Wales. Latvian Sports Clubs now register with ALSP to participate in the Australian Latvian Championships.

Sports groups registered with ALSP are:

New South Wales: Daugava, Spars, Sydney Novuss group, Central Coast Novuss group

ACT:                         Metalurgs

Victoria:                  Melbourne Latvian Sports, Melburnas Daugavas Vanagu Novuss group

South Australia:     ASK

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Chair person: Dimis PešudovsE-mail: 0409 042 908

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