3×3 Family Camp


Trīsireiztrīs (“3×3”) is not only a family camp, but also an international movement, with the aim of bringing together three generations of Latvians to learn from one another over a week of Latvian language ’emersion’. The movement started in North America in the 1980s and has spread to  Europe, England and Australia , with 3×3 camps now very popular in Latvia.

In Australia, 3×3 has taken place for over 30 years, during school holidays in January.

3×3 aims are to; ensure continuation of Latvian heritage and culture, strengthen Latvian family traditions, encourage a sense of belonging and promote Latvian friendships.

A variety of activities are organised, including handicrafts, lectures in  folklore, politics and culture, a separate children’s program, games and outdoor sports. Since the 1990s, specialists from Latvia have participated in the camps, including a Latvian president, internationally acclaimed conductors and folklorists. These visitors have brought Latvian politics, music, folklore and culture in focus for Australian Latvians attending the camps.

In 2018 the 35th 3×3 family camp will be held not far from Canberra at Greenhills Conference Centre. www.greenhillscentre.com Camp director is Iveta Lainis, with Ieva Svilāne, Valda Taylor, Baiba Harington and Sandra Draguns assisting.

Leaders of camp in 2018: Iveta LaineE-mail: [email protected]Home page: http://laaj.org.au/3x3-kanbera-aicina/

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